An animated image showing Google's Photos app and it's Lens feature
Google Lens can now identify the breed of cats and dogs
04/12/2018 GMT +2
A picture of a Macbook with the Mac OS High Seirra
32-bit apps will stop working soon on Mac OS
04/12/2018 GMT +2
The sign outside the main entrance to Facebook HQ.
Check if Cambridge Analytica has your personal data
04/11/2018 GMT +2
A happy woman wearing the Spectacles glasses from Snap
New version of Spectacles is on it's way
04/11/2018 GMT +2
An image of an iPhone 8 Plus by Apple
Third party displays stopped working on iOS 11.3
04/11/2018 GMT +2
A screenshot of the game Radical Heights
New battle royal game Radical Heights takes on PUBG and Fortnite
04/10/2018 GMT +2
An image showing Sam Harris in the video game Ghost Recon: Wildlands
Upcoming Ghost Recon: Wildlands mission will feature Sam Fisher
04/10/2018 GMT +2
A man walking among Apple's  renewable energy solar panels
Apple is now powered 100% by renewable energy
04/10/2018 GMT +2
An image of the graphics card Geforce 1080Ti from Nvidia
Nvidia ends 32-bit OS support for Geforce drivers
04/09/2018 GMT +2
An image of the video game Fortnite
Fortnite players spent $15 million the first three weeks on iOS
04/07/2018 GMT +2