Google Chrome now supports Oculus Rift

For VR experiences on the web
An image showing a man wearing the VR headset "Oculus Rift".
Image: Oculus

Until now the best web browser choice for VR experiences on the web has been Firefox, but now Google is stepping up and adds support for the popular VR headset Oculus Rift for their web browser Chrome.

The discovery was made by the reddit user st6315 and was posted on the subreddit /r/oculus.

The support for the headset is not enabled by default, so to enable it you have to do this:

  1. Open Chrome's flags-settings by typing chrome://flags in the address bar.
  2. Search for Oculus
  3. Enable the setting called "Oculus browser support".

If you have a Rift and want to try this out, you can browse to these websites for some VR experiences:

Another way to experience the VR web is through the app Supermedium. Using Supermedium you can experience dozens of VR websites without having to take your headset off in between experiences. Supermedium is available to download on Steam and the Oculus Store.

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