Learn to code with the new app "Grasshopper"

An app created at Google's incubator "Area 120"
An illustration representing the app Grasshopper
Image: Area 120

Area 120 just released their new app Grasshopper, which is teaches the basics of coding for beginners in a fun and easy way. Through short and playful lessons you get to at first learn coding in the language Javascript, and later get to more advanced lessons like drawing shapes with the Javascript library D3.

If you have a few minutes over while maybe commuting or waiting in line, you can use the opportunity to learn coding with Grasshopper. It's designed to be accessible and easy to pick up to turn a few minutes you have over into learning.

Area 120 is a workshop at Google for experimental products.

The app is available for both iOS and Android right now.

Grasshopper Screenshot 1

Grasshopper Screenshot 2

Grasshopper Screenshot 3