Oculus Go is available for pre-order now

Mobile VR for a reasonable price
A picture showing a Facebook keynote and the Oculus Go VR headset in the background
Image: Facebook

Yesterday at Facebook's developer conference F8 it was announced that the Oculus Go is now available to pre-order.

Oculus Go is a VR headset from Oculus and provides a great VR experience in a mobile format for a relatively low price. It misses the luxury of positionally tracked controllers from its big brother Rift and it can't run as detailed 3D-experiences either.Despite this it does have its own advantages. The Oculus Go features things like that the Rift doesn't. Like built-in headphones, storage, a higher resolution panel and of course the advantage of being tetherless.

The Oculus Go offers over 1000+ apps, games and experiences for you to enjoy and the price starts at 199 USD for the 32GB model and 249 USD for the 64GB model.

Pre-order here!

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