Oculus Reveals a VR headset prototype with 140 degrees FOV and eye tracking

More great VR news from F8
A picture showing a VR HMD prototype called Half Dome by Oculus
Image: Facebook

Yesterday at the second day of the Facebook F8 conference, we got some more great news for VR enthusiasts. Oculus revealed a new prototype that they have been working on for a while, and it shows a glimpse of what we could see in the next generation Rift. The prototype goes under the name Half Dome.

The prototype has a field of view of 140 degrees. That's a well welcome upgrade from the current generation PC VR headsets that has around a 100 degrees field of view. This is made possible through improvements of the fresnel lenses.

In the current generation headsets the field of view feels kind of like looking though a scuba mask or a pair of binoculars. This improvement should definitly take away some of that effect and make you feel more immersed in the experience.

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Another great improvement on the prototype is the varifocal displays. This helps the user to focus their vision on objects in different distances without it getting blurry. The displays helps with this by moving forwards and backwards depending on what the user is looking at.

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